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Hello & Welcome to "My World."

Itnabit is about Changing the world - Metamorphosis...

On All Levels!
"Learn how to Listen & Trust the inner voice within - Always!"
I am about increasing my own and all our understanding of consciousness as we once knew it to be and further opening inner channels of communication, dialogue with self and all reflections of self.
Torsion Fields
What the Energy Companies, Banks & Governments would rather that you didn't know!
"A solution to the energy crisis!"
I am available as a guest speaker, to give seminars, lectures, attend metaphysical discussion groups, personal development, coaching, one on ones and infinitely more. I am here to help All by showing you the new way of things to come!
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Dare to try a thought shaper workout yourself?
Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! You can shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now, Believe it or not! Bring it on I say!
"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
  Interested to know more?
We are each born to own and be part of everything on this planet and beyond. One should not have to beg or steal to exist and be considered a special part of this crazy chaotic world. Yet even in this enlightened age our governments and institutions continue to enslave us to a system that binds us to possessions and material objects.
Perhaps it is only ourselves that binds us or rather our emotional attachment to things, people and experiences that binds us really.
The value of anything is only the emotional attachment one has to it. Whether it be a flower, a slice of bread or a persons life. When you let go of all emotional attachment, you get more than you ever dreamed possible!
More than just wishing on a star for a single dream, I am talking your dreams FOREVER! You will bathe in its glory and finally begin to feel alive like never before! Don't take my word for it, give it a go and see for yourself. Seek the real treasure chest of dreams - Just Do It! Go on, you owe it to yourself, for yourself, for all of us and more!
Free Everything Now & Work As One!
"Deliver Yourself A Heavenly World Now!
To profit at a loss?
Yes, give away everything to get everything!
Is it too much to ask for?

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