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Gat a FREE "Megapulse" battery protector with every bike!
Worth Over $120..00, Yours FREE*
Colours:   Infinite - You choose!
Wheel Size:   18"
Max Load:   180kg
Top Speed:   20km/h
Control:   Throttle & or Pedal
Run Distance:  ?50km
Climb Angle:   10 degrees
Battery:   48V / 17Ah Maintenance Free - Lead Acid Battery
Recharges:   >300 Charges
Rated Power:   brushless 350Watt
Charge Time:   ?8h
Charger:   AC 220V / AC 110V ; 50Hz / 60Hz
Brakes:   Hand Brakes
Suspension:   Front & Rear
Price:   $1,350.00 + Delivery
Save:   $550.00
Certifications:  ISO9001 Certificate & CE Certificate
Warranties:   6 Months on the battery and parts; 12 months on trhe frame
Product Code:  TC-001
* Condition: Minimum 50% deposit payable at time of order, balance payable at time of delivery * Order must be made before end of October 2006.
The Chariot
Notes: Battery powered tricycle, pedal assisted


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