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Colours:   Dark Blue & Silver
Wheel Size:   16" or 18"
Max Load:   <120kg
Top Speed:   <25km/h
Control:   Hand throttle control
Run Distance:  >80km per charge
Climb Angle:   8-10 degrees
Battery:   Dual batteries, 36V-48V/10Ah-17Ah sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries
Recharges:   >350 times
Rated Power:   200Watt with pedals, 350Watt
Charge Time:   6-8 hours
Charger:   AC220V 50 HZ 110V 60Hz
Brakes:   Front & Rear Brakes
Suspension:   Front & Rear Suspension
Price:   $1,980.00 + Delivery
Save:   $00.00
Certifications:  ISO 9001, CE cerification
Warranties:   6 months on parts and batteries, 12 months on the frame.
Product Code:  PB-035
* Condition: Minimum 50% deposit payable at time of order, balance payable at time of delivery * Order must be made before end of October 2006.
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Notes: This bike arrived Friday 23rd September 2006. New lighting systems, indicator switch, This bike is sensational by just how far it will travel on one charge. It cost less than 40 cents Australian to fully charge it and it will take you in excess of 80km on that charge! We will review this bike and show it at this years bike show. For those interested in seeing one, we'll see you there!


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