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Free Communication, Data & the Internet
It is the objective of Itnabit to one day be able to provide FREE Services such as Power, Water, Gas, Communication, Data & Broadband Internet for Australia & then to the world. Until then, I can only offer what some companies (like Optus, Origin Energy) can do and that is to rebadge accounts. Through of Vision Telecom we are able to provide Australians with the latest communication and entertainment technology and service at wonderfully competitive rates to those charged by current providers here in Australia. I am talking Video VOIP phones, Free Internet TV Entertainment, Downlaodable Movies And More!
For your home phone, we can match whatever rates you are currently on with whatever company you are with in Australia. Be it Telstra, Optus or other. That goes for your business phones also! No need to change numbers, the only change is the look of your bill. Now it will be with an logo- That's all!
Cheaper Communication - A first Step toward FREE Services
Broadband Internet - 1.5kbps/126kbps Fast enough to use the IP PHONE and to watch your favorite Free Internet TV Broadcasts from around the world.
Free video and voice calls to others on our Network
New Technology Available Now!
Take a closer look at some of the technology available now for commercial use and soon for your home when you become part of Itnabit Communications! If you are interested in one for your home, let us know and we send you a more detailed information brochure in pdf format.
FULL IP Video Phone Brochure in pdf format is available upon request

The IP Video Phone is an advanced VoIP and Video phone designed to meet the growing communication needs of consumers and businesses. It offers a complete set of IP Centrex/PBX features and advanced video conferencing capabilities for more complete communication experience. Additionally, The IP Video Phone offers a number of value added features such as voicemail with local message storage, chat, email, news, local weather information,
and many more.
Color TFT LCD Display - The IP Video Phone offers a color TFT LCD display which provides users with a feature-rich phone management interface. The LCD display can be also used for Video-on-Demand content presentation such as video streaming, video training, video conferencing, video telephony, video training, and video information sharing.

Four VoIP Lines and Advanced SIP Support
The IP Video Phone supports up to four VoIP lines, each with a standalone IP Centrex/PBX functionality. The IP Video Phone also offers advanced SIP support and can seamlessly interoperate with any SIP Registrar, Proxy or Outbound Proxy server.
IPTV and Video-on-Demand Support
The IP Video Phone can deliver high quality video streams including online TV (IPTV) and Video-on-Demand directly on its large LCD screen or on a connected TV screen. The device supports the most recent MPEG4 compression technology which enables it to deliver optimal video quality even in networks with limited bandwidth. All video streams are encrypted for privacy and copyright protection.
Digital Music and Internet Radio Delivery
In addition to video capabilities, The IP Video Phone can also receive and reproduce streaming audio content, enabling users to enjoy digital music and Internet radio. The IP Video Phone supports high compression MP3 and AAC algorithms for maximum quality of the delivered audio streams.
Video Conferencing H.263 Support
The IP Video Phone features advanced Video Conferencing capabilities which enable subscribers to conduct high-quality video conversations with friends and family. To initiate a video conversation, subscribers simply dial the phone number of another RTC Video Phone subscriber and enter the video conferencing mode which utilizes the H.263 standard.

Standalone PBX/IP Centrex Functionality - RTC IP Video Phone fully supports IP Centrex/PBX features without the need to interact with a central server (i.e. such features are supported internally). The device offers DID, Caller ID, Speed 2-digit Dialing, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forward, Call Return,
3-way Conferencing and many other IP Centrex features. The IP Video Phone can be used with any type of SIP Proxy to support Class 5 switching.
Integrated Voicemail System with Unified Messaging - The IP Video Phone comes with an integrated voicemail system which can accept and record up to 80 calls/messages. Unlike traditional PBX systems which store voicemails in a central server, RTC IP Video Phone stores messages locally and can make them
available to users even in cases when the service provider's network is unavailable. The IP Phone supports advanced Voicemail menu system to guide callers during the process of leaving a voicemail, and to allow remote retrieval and administration of voicemail messages.
Peer Auto Discovery - The IP Video Phone automatically discovers its peers located within the same local area network (LAN). Such functionality allows LAN users to talk directly to each other without the need to use third party servers such as Registrars, Proxies, or Gateways.
"Combined with the Set Top Box your entertainment and digital needs are met!"
I ask every thinking Australian and Country of the World how much are we paying the USA each year to be linked up to the Internet? If what we are led to believe, that no one really owns the Internet, then why do we need to pay for it? Our Government pays millions to the US for Internet. It's time we start charging them for the privilege of connecting with us. That's fair isn't it? Really all we need to pay for is the intial cost of infrastructure here in Australia. If you consider that Australia has enough sand to build enough glass fibre optic cable, we could do it at cost price. We do not need to contract it out to anybody. Rather the Government could employ people to oversee the project to completion. All we need to provide is our own Australian Service and resources. It doesn't even need to be fibre optic. Torsion field energy travels at a billion times the speed of light. Anyway, it is unfortunate we have such a lazy Government with other interests at heart, plus we are where we are right now. You could have one of these in your home right now, we only need the numbers, that's all. So, if you live in Australia, let us know and we will add you to the list of people to receive the first batch of these NEW PHONES!
** We require a minimum of 300 homes in each area before we can provide these services to Residential Homes.
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Mark Robinson IR

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