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  Drugs and other addictions
Drugs and Other Addictions
It's interesting to know that the Federal Government is talking about drugs and porn. How much money do they want to throw at a problem that will not go away? What is considered to be an illegal substance anyway? Who has been deciding what is legal and what is not? And who says who can have what, when and how? Ask the poor if they have a choice. Why does our Government protect its revenue stream rather than look after the people? The Government keeps telling us that drugs are no good and yet like hypocrits they act like drug dealers themselves, taking money from a public hooked on tobacco in the form of taxes and charges on cigarettes.
The real reason the Governments are against mind altering drugs such as marijuana and alchohol because in the altered state, people feel euphoria, closer to experiencing the real now, the Force and all that is.. For the people that use such things it is an escape from the slavery of a world imposed by a ruthless, tyranical current system. This is exemplified by our current National figure, John Howard.
And if those addicted want to stop using the most synisterly designed hypodermic cigarettes such as acupuncture, patches, gum, lozengers, hypnotherapy, drugs to cut their nicotine habit, does the Government lift a finger, it doesn't care really. At over $10 per packet of 25's a smoker can expect to shell out over $70.00 per week. This is money that does not go toward the family and its' happiness level. In fact the smoking causes over effects than simply the harmful physical effects for the smoker. The emotional impact associated with smoking in general has not even been considered. The Government and the leader of our country should be ashamed of itself.
How about John Howard's addiction to power and corruption? Can we make a law against people like that?
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