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E-Motion leads in the distribution of

Electric Vehicles
Pre-order yours &
Save Hundreds of
A solution to todays rising energy costs!
Electric Vehicles Are Inexpensive To Own
Environmentally Friendly, Non-Polluting!
Low Maintenance, Easy To Service
Silent & Cool Running Motors
Simple To Operate
Look, Feel And Are Superb!
E-Motion makes available only the best Customised, Electric Vehicles China has to offer from the most respected of Companies. The Chinese are as proud of their "electro-vehicles" as we are to make them available to you! We have gone to ends of the earth to bring them direct from the Middle Kingdom to You! Simply select your Model, the Motor Size specific to your requirement, the Vehicle Colour and those special features that best reflect your needs.
You deal direct with me

I act as an Agent for you to provide you with the latest & best Electric Vehicles China offers from the most respected of Companies. I’ll deliver direct to your door! I'll even connect you with the manufacturer if ever anything goes wrong.

Save Yourself Literally Hundreds Of Dollars!
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Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles come with their own Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, US & European Approved' chargers which can be plugged into any standard household power- point. All models are available in a myriad of colors with accessories and decorative decal packs available to give your Electric Vehicle an individual touch. Electric Vehicle designs are inexpensive to purchase, low maintenance, run silently, are ecologically friendly and what's more... look superb!
If anyone should know, I do! I am the Managing Director of Itnabit Pty Ltd, trading as E-Motion and I ride a Scooter myself. That's me to the right on the very first Scooter of it's design in Australia. We named it a Scorpio - of course! - it's my Star Sign!
We offer a number of different Motor Sizes for our large range of Scooters , Bikes, Commercial, Racers and other vehicle types ranging from 180 Watts right up to 1.5Kw and above. We are sure to have something available for you to meet your requirements! Research & Development is ongoing to make Electric Vehicles more powerful and more charge efficient.

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