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It is interesting to note a few things about the politics and profit involved in energy, its production and distribution around the globe today. The governments of the world ARE being manipulated by the energy companies and DO have a vested interest NOT to invest in producing energy through any alternative that produces zero emissions and are free once set up. I know this for a fact to be true from personal first hand experience during my time spent overseas in Russia, London and the USA. Instead it appears we are being led to believe that making energy is difficult or costly somehow. In fact the opposite is the truth.
However, by making energy a limited resource energy companies can charge more for it, like our water will become if we allow what is happening to continue. I liken it to the days of old England when the reigning monarch of the time charged for the amount of sunlight each home received. Occupiers of dwellings were asked to pay a window tax, charged according to the area of the size of the windows the room or dwelling had. That is why windows of that period were small and thin and as the history books show, many poor ended up residing in cellars. Once collected it was used to further extend the difference between the poor and the rich. Nothing much has changed it seems to this day.
If you thought that was interesting, let me tell you about my time in Russia and Torsion Field Technology
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