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  Fear and Pre-emptive Strikes
Fear and Pre-Emptive Strikes
We were sold on a lie to join the US Administration to invade Iraq. We were told they had in their possession, weapons of mass destruction. They were not found but those of the invading nation still remain in their possession. We are all certainly aware that the US Administration has in their possession, weapons of mass destruction and that at some stage The US Administration in fact sold biological weapons to Saddam Hussein. The pre-emptive strike waged by the US Administration out of fear is not enough to justify any carnage inflicted on others property and physicalness. How this cannot be seen as a war crime, a crime against humanity astonishes me. Just when will the world demand George Bush stand trial for his criminal acts?
Out of the fear of terrorism is another excuse we are fed for the invasion of Iraq. Fear is a tool used to manipulate the minds of the weak and feeble. Let me ask you, what is it that the terrorists are actually pissed off about? Is it really religiously based or is it in fact something deeper? At this stage at least we'll never know because we never hear what it is they have to say. I feel that open dialogue between people can in fact solve most issues. Let's hear what all the beef is really about and work together for a common benefit.
If the USA felt threatened enough would it launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike as well? Isn't living under any threat a cause for concern in that case? Shouldn't they all simply give up their toys used to peddle fear? Bullies get their comeupance eventually, so will us all as individuals and nations on this earth.
As stated in other parts of this website, action that we each take are as a direct result of either fear or love. Only fear or love. Thus once you can determine why you take actions or certain actions, you can identify the motivations for them and either decide to continue them or change them. Thus emotions or at least keeping emotions under control and each individual is responsible for their own emotions and thus actions. Like a boomerang, they will return to you sometime.
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