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  Marcupial Fund
Marcupial Fund
PROTECT our indiginous wildlife and Australia's natural habitat. The Tasmanian Devil, our Platypus & Echidna are each under threat. We can also Support The Australian Independent Flower Growers and most importantly of all show your LOVE for someone you hold dear by sending them a rose or gift. There are 3 levels of support and you can choose a specific creature to help!
For a Special Gift of Love for Any Day!
Send a wonderful Long Stemmed Rose to Someone You Love! - $30.00 Includes Delivery
Chocolates and a Single Long Stemmed Rose - $60.00 Includes Delivery
Dozen Roses $100.00 Includes Delivery
ALL money above cost goes to save the natural habitat and research for these three wonderful specimens of Earth's diversity. Australia's Natural Beauty and Heritage must be protected!.
Tasmanian Devil
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As always

Mark Robinson IR

"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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