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Perceiving the GodForce
Perceiving the Force is simply being able to read those things around you which are you at any given moment. That means everything you can perceive through your senses and are able to make sense of. Some call it an an energy pattern at each precise moment in time. For example: Imagine for a moment the scene of your bedroom in your minds eye. Go inside the room and take a look around for a minute or two. See it in clearly in your minds eye. I am sure it will have its own unique characteristics at that precise moment in time.
For a moment you were really there. You could probably see and touch the objects present, smell the air perhaps and overall you obtained an awareness of how it felt to be in there. Perhaps it was clean and tidy, had a double or single bed, with fluffy pillows and a doona or whatever? The point is, that at each precise moment in time an energy pattern is formed about that bedroom and this can be perceived by the mind and thus is readable through the senses and in the minds eye as symbols or those pictures you see in your mind.
The impression we each perceive at each moment in time is the sum total of that information collected through all the available physical senses, feelings and our imagination (intuitiveness). How focused we are on receiving information about each moment from each of the available senses determines our depth of insight. The information is relayed to our brain for analysis. Based on the analysis of that information a thought and a feeling becomes manifest. These thought processes are largely responsible for triggering the imagery in the mind that will determine events in the future. It is the imagination that is the key to shaping the future. Like Sci-Fi books influencing the shape and imaginations of others giving rise to more possibilities. Thoughts layered one upon another, just like our minds, they effect the physical. Based on your thoughts and/or feelings, actions may be taken, which may also in fact be no action at all as it could just lead to more thoughts.
Based on any action (physical or even just a thought) a set of events is put into motion, affecting all other events to be experienced in the future. You could consider each thought to be a “thought seed” so to speak. You think something and paint a picture in your mind and energy manifests around your thoughts later by your will and that of the Force (as one). This is an interesting fact when expressed on a time line if you bear in mind we indeed return in another body - if we choose to at all. Thoughts and actions influence the future. Thus it can take only one thought to affect the entire future of everything. Interesting, isn't it?
  Exploding Alberts' e = mc2
e = energy
m = mass
c = speed of light
2 = Squared
"My understanding of e=m.c2"
e = energy  
m = mass  
c = Consciousness, the conscious state of mind perceiving physicalness. The speed of light, or alternatively the oscillation of things material, or the ON cycle of those thoughts entering into physical form from the OFF cycle of matter (source,all that is, etc.) It can be seen as all there is and more, infinity, itnabit, whatever you choose to call it or as Self, Its' Self and for the faint@heart sorry to say - God! :-)
2 = Squared is the Consciousness Of Self as a Mirrors image or reflection of self in some way impinged upon through the senses
Seeing yourself and all that is as pure creative thought energy and in terms of understanding that unconditional love is the solid foundation through which that energy can and does flow into the physical plane of perception. Consciousness Of Self - To me is the ability to perceive that everything is energy and from the same source, experiencing itself, as an individualized aspect of all that is. No matter if that energy can be perceived by the physical senses or not.
Humor me for a moment and imagine you are part of an ever expanding gas. In fact let's imagine you are part of a molecule. From close up you would look similar to other parts doing the same function. Singularly as a separate individual you might be termed a proton, neutron or whatever. Together at a distance you might in fact be part of a cloud.
In other words, though you are indeed an individual, you are also part of the collective known to us a human. Separate and distinct and yet still part of the same bigger group. You can do this going smaller or bigger - As above - So below...
Another problem I have with Einstein is that he said I believe, that "nothing travels faster than the speed of light." Well, I am sure he will understand when I say in a way how he might understand me,
"Torsion field energy travels at more than a billion times the speed of light!"
It moves so fast that it travels beyond time and space. It is all that is, the source of all and more, the past, the future and the now.
Since all matter in the physical plane travels @or below the speed of light, and light is energy of the one force, and we are part of that same energy, we too, in our physical form, travel@ or oscillate@, vibrate@ a speed throughout infinity and the ever expanding universe. Though individualised conscious aspects and through our separate physical bodies we are able to operate in this physical world that also vibrates SLOWER than the speed of light.
Right now, I would like to refer you to an article by Terrence Wheadon on Muons and their strange behavior. Terry is my friend and past business partner since the early 90's when we were both involved in marketing revolutionary technology being developed in Russia before the wall came down.
The Strange Behavior of the Muon
Power of the mind
Living through our bodies as we do, could be likened to living in a virtual 3d world created within a computer environment. Just as in a 3d Virtual world we can take on a persona and interact in a created world, so we do in real life. You decide what it is you want to be, no one else. That virtual world of the computer is but a program that took many thoughts to come into existence. Each thought layered one upon another, one thought at a time, layer upon layer of thoughts to bring it into its eventual manifestation and eventual use. Well, that's what this "real" world is like too, in a sense! We will come back to this a little later on and in different sections throughout this Website.
What determines the actions taken by someone is largely decided by what has been etched into the mind of a person on a conscious or sub-conscious level whether knowingly or not. Information In - Information Out,. We act very much like a sponge, soaking up thought forms on a conscious and sub-conscious basis. Good Content In - Good Content Out. Negative (sensationalism) feelings, emotions, thoughts IN - the same OUT.
As most news and information reported in media of all forms is of a negative or manipulative nature it effects whoever believes it to be true and so not only shapes individuals, families, communities and nations future direction but the world as a totality - now! This resonates a world full of falsehood, lies and corruption, manipulation and in my eyes - slavery!
(The legal ramifications of this are astounding. For example consider thought form pollution in the form of movies and advertising or news reports of a distorted nature and the effect it has on the global populations perception of things? Is this not referred to or rather has this not been referred to in the past as propaganda? Think about Wars and the real reasons for conflict. Does invading another under false truth alleviate the great suffering inflicted or the emotional discontent and disharmony it leaves behind?)
Frames of reference used in the mind of each individual are generally distorted and therefore so too is the reflection of energy drawn back to the individual as experiences. The energy back is also distorted by other warped interference patterns (other individuals for e.g..) interacting or triggering a multiplicity of reactions amongst yet other individual expressions. It is like infinite rain droplets falling on an entire pond and each ripple colliding with the next ripple; as opposed to a single pebble being dropped on its surface. The multiplied ripple effect of thought forms creates disharmony from the harmony of ordered chaos.
This further complicates an already complicated interference pattern created by individual expressions operating through selfishly motivated sense desires want, desire, greed, avarice, etc (all great motivating qualities, lol.) varying levels of thought form power and the thoughts intensity, in relation to the thoughts given off and the effect each has on other energy patterns effected at each moment by their own thought ripple so to speak. I hope this makes sense.
These habits of thinking and the actions taken are often based on ones past experiences, our feelings about those experiences, the level of positive expectation about the life we have now and expect to lead in the future and about ourselves. Thus it becomes quite obvious when we look at our own habits and life-loops, that knowing this can sometimes help us make a change of any description in any area - If one chooses to!
I also believe the thoughts and feelings of our ancestors thoughts to be incorporated into our DNA and passed on from generation to generation. DNA by its very nature still retains the energy pattern of the individual that once embodied it through spirit. It has been and always will be an ever spiraling journey of increasing consciousness of self throughout this galaxy and beyond, both within and without our bodies. The DNA of things structured are structured around the desired code of the thought pattern of that individual expression of total thought that enters the physical plane to continue the creative process of understanding Self and expressing this energy force (itself, unconditional love) in a creative and non-infringing manner.
No matter it be of animal, mineral, vegetable or indeed of no substance or be perceivable matter at all - yet to us. Any physical matter that resonates at a speed at or slightly below the speed of light expresses the force and in itself is life. Even a rock has a consciousness all its own. As do the trees, the frogs, rabbits, cows, plants, gas, everything. And each is learning about itself in whatever way it has chosen to do it.
As humans we do it through our bodies this time. Each time we live, we hope to learn more about our true self and nature. We indeed are eternal, immortal and infinite in nature and design. Be defective in thinking when you die, Ill@ease, disease-d and you will bring those characteristics with you into the next. You will still have to overcome any short comings left in the new body you take up in physical form to allow you to understand more of your true nature and divinity yet again.
Many of our thoughts have low energy, are not very focused, have very little power and don't come to much or may never become manifest at all. However, we have more powerful moments when our thoughts and feelings are excited and so directed with intention that we make them true. I am sure we all know times when we have made a firm decision to do or acquire something and you achieved your desire no matter what. You had intention and nothing could stop you – You did it!
If you consider that c2 is effectively looking at yourself in everything, you will very easily understand the truth about “do unto others”. Call it Karma, it's really balance. Energy out - Energy Back. You can't do to another aspect of “all that is” unless you want it done to yourself simply because you are doing it to your self anyway and your intent to affect another must be reflected back to you with equivalent force. Be certain, it will happen! Life is a mirrors reflection of infinite sorts and design. Though the exact action for example taken may not always come back the same as different individuals for example may be involved in future moments, future lives or bodies experienced. It is indeed the differences in all things expressed that makes the physical plane such a glorious manifestation to behold indeed.
Dare to try a thought shaper workout yourself?
Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! Shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now,
Believe it or not!
Bring it on I say! I am available as a guest speaker, to give seminars, lectures, attend metaphysical discussion groups, personal development, coaching, one on ones and infinitely more.
As always

Mark Robinson IR

"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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