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"It's in the silence that things are put in motion!"
Perceiving the GodForce - Now!
The GodForce can be perceived in everything if one has eyes open enough to see or ears willing to listen. If you listen carefully, one can hear the answers to those questions from a silent voice that burns just beyond mere mortal consciousness. They burn nonetheless like smoldering embers in silence with an intensity that is as individual as the skin one wears to operate within this physical dimension of reality. The mystery surrounding life itself is a glorious manifestation to behold indeed. I believe one of the reasons we are here expressing ourselves through the physical plane is to understand more about ourselves and the connectiveness that exists between ourselves and everything. Then once fully realized, to assist to raise the consciousness of this fact by expressing creativity in all forms for the betterment of All that is.
As everything is a part of the GodForce (Energy, Chi, Infinity, Itnabit as I refer to it, etc, call it whatever you choose), everything bears its own message or lends to an overall message to the perceiver. I feel it's time for you start to learn how to understand and use energy now!
How clearly that message impinges upon the conscious mind of man varies within each of us according to our own metaphysical development. Imagine for a moment the ever changing pattern of your life…
"There can be only ONE - But don't lose your head!"
From The Silence
Perhaps one can learn about oneself, simply by being aware of this wonderfully magical, mystical phenomenon. Perhaps not… it's all up to how we each choose to think, feel and be. Like a dream that comes into focus for a split second only to blur into a gossamer like illusion of what is or is not - when one is on their journey of illusion, one can often be left wondering what is truly real. At first this can be disturbing as it challenges our sense of reality. One can feel the connection all the time in fact without need of meditation. However, stilling the mind is critical and meditation can assist in this process of coming to perceive the inner truth that is yourself, warts and all.
Knowing self means knowing others. The more one knows self the more one is aware of others automatically. People like the things around us become the mirrors to show us about self. One may find it difficult to unlock the answers to these silent questions for they come in a myriad of form and design. It could be spoken, heard, seen, felt, touched, or even sensed with the nose or a combination of all. It could be a sign on the wall or the lyrics in music, whatever it takes to impinge it's energy (the answer to your silent question) upon your consciousness. In a way only you may understand.
Upon a transparent mind it can be heard as clear as any loud chiming church bell or the electronic pulses touching us from the distant galaxies. Try it… just passing time in silence and being still and in communion with everything.
By being aware of this one can ask questions of the self that are infinite in design and reason. This awareness can and does develop over time as a natural course of evolution. How quickly one becomes aware of this connection to infinity is largely determined by ones own metaphysical development, their own unique energy vibrational pattern (Ones overall thoughts and feelings about the way they in fact interact with the source, the Godforce, themselves.). Ones energy pattern can be developed or raised and refined by various techniques reaffirmed over time until one day from the veiled shadowy darkness you have a revelation and wondered why you could not see or understand what is now glaringly obvious. For it is from the silence that things spring forth from.

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