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Housing Affordability In Australia
Given the Federal Government has revealed we are billions of dollars in surplus, why doesn't our Government provide affordable loans to first home buyers, fixing the weekly repayments and charging a fixed rate of interest for a fixed period. They could provide the materials at cost and create an entirely new self sufficient eco-centre community with the most current energy efficient technology available. We could cost out the lot! Not for profit, but because we need to. The Banks are interested and determined to extract as much money from their customers as possible. Take the charge for a transaction at any ATM. It's a joke!
This attitude by the banks does nothing for our population since they should only lend to people that can demonstrate some form of collateral or a level of income high enough to support the loan indebtedness. What about the poor person or newly wed couple that is unable to show collateral enough to satisfy the banks? And what percent of the poor believe they will ever have a place to retire? Investing some of the surplus money into housing for those that do not have any or own any would demonstrate love from our government for its' people. Who in Australia would object to housing the homeless or the street kids? Who would object to food being given out to the needy? We give more money away to foreign companies for false purposes and our war machine than we invest to look after the homeless peoples of our own country. It is not a judgement, it is an observation of fact!
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