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My ideas and creative thoughts are dedicated to all that is, to itnabit. Leonardo Da Vinci has been an ispiration to me since a very young age. I have always felt connected to him in some way. My Mum told me that I too used to write backward just as Leonardo did. You needed to hold up what I wrote in a mirror in order to read it.Oh, and I'm also left handed. I had a very interesting experience when I attended the 2006 Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's models from Italy. You can read about it in the area I write about copyrights and patents. Anyway, for my readers...
Is there anybody out there? If you have a comment, don't hesitate to write to me.
APEK saw demonstrations against George Bush and our involvement in the Iraq War. Police "expected" there to be "trouble" with the demonstrators. Of course this expectency by Police and their new armoury for use to pacify the public into submission came in handy. It gave them an opportunity to test out their equipment on a "mob against George Bush".
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NetVoting - Do we need Politicians or the Parties they want us to attend2? A 21st Century World View! True world governance by the people of the world, for the people of the world.
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The Scam of the Risk Management Industry
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The Scam of Cheap Imports and Foreign Ownership In Australia

As Australian owned businesses providing services such as food, manufacturing, etc slowly get strangled out of existence, Australians are having less and less an effect on the inherent values within our society. The importance placed on economic progress and the opening to foreign ownership, places extra demands on long term indpendent national direction. Australian owned commercial flower growers for example are suffering and being systematically slaughtered and forced into selling off their property, often at huge loses, to the large overseas, well financed interests that have flooded the market here with their dumped surplus stock. The strategy of stranglehold over the population by overseas interests continues and is indeed encouraged by BIG business that operates the Governments through effective lobbying, however that may be defined.

This not only ceases employment for entire families involved for generations in growing flowers for a living, but workers associated with it. It also creates a reliance on overseas entities that may not have the interest of people living in the community at heart since their primary concern is motivated by how much money the company is able to profit by. Once the industry here is broken, destroyed and gone, what do we replace it with if all we do is import? As local citizens we should be supporting our own people first, then others later. Being reliant on others to provide us with what it is we require is not a comfortable situation for me, self reliance is a far stronger and better option for all Australians.
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Cigarettes, The Oil Industry, The Governments and Medical Industry

These days the addictive cigarettes sold around the world are a toxic blend of nicotine and other petrochemicals. The Cigarette Makers, Governments, Oil Companies and even the Pharmaceutical Industry profit from the sale cigarettes. It is one of the biggest confidence tricks mankind is experiencing at this present moment in history.

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Housing Affordability In Australia

Given the Federal Government has revealed we are billions of dollars in surplus, why doesn't our Government provide affordable loans to first home buyers, fixing the weekly repayments and charging a fixed rate of interest for a fixed period.

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Vitamins and Vitamin Manufacturers

It is said that is "irrefutable that vitamins and minerals" assist the body and to an extent this statement might be correct. However, one must remember that Vitamin and Mineral Manufacturers have a vested interest on selling you their particular range of vitamins. If through the various ways of marketing and advertising their vitamin products or services, they can convince enough people to buy their product or service and they will make a profit. In what quantities these substances positively effect humans is only an arbituary guess really. Even though we are told that studies reveal x, y or z, who conducts these studies and what percent of the population does the study or research truly represent? It's always questionable what the real motivations are to convince people that they WANT something they haven't already got, that without it, they can't get on and their life will not be good. It's laughable really to see all the deception that walks on this Earth. It's a WAR all right that's going on and it is a WAR of thought forms.

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Poverty exists because of a deep held belief in lack and a limitation to the ability to change ones circumstances. Where an individual has been born and their upbringing plays a crucial part to play as acceptance by others is a requirement in society.
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Global Starvation & Poverty Declaration - Formalising The New World Edict

Have you ever felt powerless to make a difference? Ever thought that your opinion does not count or that you are unable to impact the world and what happens to your life and lifestyle right now and into the future, no matter where in the world you find yourself and in what financial position? Do you really want to have a say in how your future world is to be shaped?

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Drugs & Addictive Substances

It's interesting to know that the Federal Government is talking about drugs and porn. How much money do they want to throw at a problem that will not go away, what is considered to be an illegal substance anyway and who decides what substances are legal or not? Who really is deciding how you are going to lead your life? Does any Government have the right to enforce laws and who really gives them the right if any?

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The LETS Party - One Land One Nation One World
A New Nation & World Is Truly Born! No Bullshit! The Birth of the Land of OZ (Oceanic Zone.). We will set an example for the rest of the world to follow, have fun doing it and help make everyone's dreams come true! It won't be easy, but it is achievable if we all work toward the same goal.
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Copyrights and Patents
Copyright of thought form and idea generation is a farce when one knows the truth about being ONE, as is any company thinking they can own genes. How ridiculous is that?
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Money Isn't Real!
If a mass of peoples thoughts can be controlled, (i.e. the symbols in the mind and actions that result from the symbols - propoganda) It's tow the line or else fear the consequences. Add to that a debt thrust upon them from the Banking Industry and it is obvious to see the result state of lack of wealth. I wonder where the Banks get their money from and what collateral they have to back it up? So who owns all the wealth and does it mater?
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Beliefs & Belief Patterns
We each as individuals have our own values based largely upon the environment where we came into the world initially. Those individuals and those closest to you, as well as the events you experienced up until the age of 13 in some way (as always) effected and shaped your core beliefs, the values you hold dear and more.
Virtual Online 3D Cemetery - "Make No Bones About It!"
With limited land space available I am creating a website that offers virtual graves and a place of eternal peace and remembrance. Create your own 3D grave stone, epitaph, mortuary and more... go visit a dead relative or create one for them also. Have fun exploring your family tree and true heritage. Take on a persona in virtual 3D form and visit the graves of others reading about them or simply stroll amongst the well manicured gardens and see the delightful 3D objects of Art.
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Create a Temple For Yourself in 3D!
Employing All Unemployed!
Simply ask each individual what it is they really want to do and assist to make their dream a reality wherever possible. Be creative and find new ways and new things to do to keep people occupied in a posite and creati.
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The Hunchback Revealed - Beneath The Mask  
This idea is for a movie, play, music and or stage play and I am seeking capital from an investor/s, and the appropriately skilled people and personnel, including the entire cast to and crew to assist in its successful manifestation.
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About the politics and profit involved in energy, its production and distribution around the globe today.
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Global Energy Centres  
Establish Metaphysical NRG Centres around the globe that Teach the Metaphysical Basics & Beyond,
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Transport Issues  
If you live further than walking distance to services, I believe you live too far away and should then and only then consider alternatives like a push bike.
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As a result of the way this current system operates, we are driven to excel for selfishly motivated reasons. Governments around the world are in a desperate effort to cut each others throat for the sake of power as are the Energy Companies.
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Voice Operated / Web-based Smoke Detectors
With the new web-based feature this alarm is installed to warn a central monitoring authority of any eminent danger.
Hospitals of today become the Well being Centres for our future
Hospitals become general places of well being (well being centres) that look after individuals from a holistic approach. These will be free to attend and
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Creating wants through advertising pushes desires onward in a never ending spiral of discontent.
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Offline Print Media  
Consider for a moment the amount of trees that goes to produce all the daily, weekly, monthy, 6 monthly newspapers, journals, receipts, paperwork of all description and other print material used to communicate the millions of corporate messages alone.
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Words have power by creating and reinforcing thought form symbols in the mind. We should consider removing some words from our vocabulary and language altogether.
Recycling Rubbish / Waste Management
We waste our rubbish and it has to stop on a local and global basis. Rubbish is in fact a treasure even though you throw away small amounts of categorisable things, they all add up to large volumes that somehow need to be produced.
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Mother Nature & Nature Strips  
Mother nature, the GodForce, The Force, itnabit, the source, call it whatever you like is abundant by its very nature. There is infinite to go around and more to boot.
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Politics and the Magna Carta
Since we have had our ostensible "democracy" things have not changed that much. Power is still vested in the Crown in England and here in Australia as well. Why? Well to me it seems Parliament was used and is used to this day to protect small groups from being identified with controlling us through laws designed to control. The introduction of companies onto the world stage not only offered groups of individuals the opportunity to act with combined capital strength but it also removed them from the scene of actions taken by the company by them inputting their own management whose sole objective was and is to do the owners actions for them. At one stage even the directors of companies that did not act in the interest of the public were not held responsible for the actions of the company. And yet that company was regarded as a separate legal entity.
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Questions to you to ponder.  
An interesting question is does a rainbow really exist? If so why?  

What is Sin

Sin to me is the emotional imbalance resultant from actions taken and how the conscience perceives those actions to be personally. Conscience and negative feeling about ones actions or thoughts are reflected back eventually. It is likened in mathematical terms I guess, to the degree to which a line digresses from another angle - A lack of spiritual/mental balance. pic of triangle
Packaging - I suggest we have no packaging@all. Simple barcode identifiers that give a result in all languages and a symbol for it to be recognized globally. it and include a history of it, viewable online. Packaging should be shipped in standard sized boxes globally and recyclable. If this means making stronger boxes to last longer then lets do it. Stuffing used as filler should be made of bio matter that can eventually be fed to livestock when it is no longer useable as filler for boxes. Rice, puffed wheat and other grain mass? For products like washing detergents, fruits, vegetables and other such commodities. There should be huge dispensers at warehouse like undercover to protect visitors from the elements.
Water and fruit juice concentrate dispensers, refill your container with your favorite natural flavours.
pic of scan of dispenser
My protein and other formulations - just add water! Shaped in the forms of Greek Gods and other deities.
examples and pics
Less reliance on cold drinks, reduce electricity consumption.
Solar powered fridges and cookers
Solar Roof Tiles
Solar Roof fitted etc
Houses fitted to collect energy. - Windmill like designs of the future, water collection umbrellas for the entire block of land.
Stop Drainage and the drainage charges.
Turn the swamps back into habitable environments by encouraging bio diversity and ground water retention.
Cloud seeding and associated problems in the future. - In China, Inter Provincial disputes over moisture levels and cloud seeding by various means.has effected the natural balances of nature. It robs from one area to satisfy demand for water in another.
Thus in an area such as where I currently reside, where once used to be open grass plains and swamps has become a dry and drained residential environment. This creates a suctionlike effect on the surrounding environment. I think that by investing water into the earth we will in fact bring about greater moisture levels where needed. Just as we can shape our minds, we can shape our planet, our little piece of us. We need to take a wider perspective and utilize the natural flow of the globe, its own natural rhythm and breathing, its' form and contours to best advantage. Slowing down things may help. Using slower more environmentally efficient transport vessels is a must.
Money - Do we need it?
Some say there is nothing like the feeling of cool cash in the pocket, others think it is nuisance. Personally if most things are free in the new world it really doesn't matter. Not having physical cash certainly free up the frightened forests and jungles around the world. With low taxation, there is no need to police cash or worry about how much is out there circulating. Its not worth anything really anyway, is it?
There will be NO taxes or charges as such in our new world. We may introduce a minimal tax levy of say 5% payable to a central global treasury. These funds will go to cover the costs of globally agreed projects to cover global initiatives. Anything paid above this maximum levy is determinable by the individual and is based on their own individual happiness level, in percentage terms. Honesty then becomes a policy and individuals are allowed to vent their discontent openly in a non-violent way.
Is it true?

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