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  The Force
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As I stated before, God, the GodForce, the Force, itnabit, however you prefer to name it; It goes by many names and is literally everything all energy. Everything you can perceive through your physical senses and all that you can't as well. It is infinite in nature and design. Since everything is made up of the total energy (whether perceived or not), everything is connected in myriad ways.

God is not some bloke with a long beard sitting on a golden throne ordering people about, unless you believe God to be this. Even if you do, you are wrong!. I feel we can all have our own direct connection to this force without the need for any intermediary intervention.

You CAN go through deities if you so choose, invoking their strength to overcome anything your imagination can believe. And it's ok! You can also go to church if you so choose and use group prayer for whatever purpose the group desires. I have not read much about the bible or quoran but what i know about both is that they are laden with examples of undeniable truth beyond the illusion of the physical plane of "reality". If only they would interpret the scriptures with understanding rather than dictating how they should be defined and people think. But I guess the flock needs to be instructed somehow doesn't it?
However, knowing you are truly connected to all that is allows you to draw upon whatever energies you require at each precise moment in time, knowing that all is well and that you know you are in the right place at the right moment, because you chose your moments culminating to bring you there in the first place. And you can channel anything. And the Force will provide you and support you always - lovingly and unconditionally!
Having just said the last sentence I would like to clarify something which i feel is very important. In manifesting your dreams there is a very big difference between needs and wants. Needs, will always be satisfied quicker. Wants and desires are based on greed and lower your energy level, they resonate the lack of whatever it is being desired. Your feelings basically are saying you don't have IT already and so you never will. You must resonate a knowing that whatever IT is you dream of in your minds eye you already have... no matter what IT is, then release it!
Hearing the inner voice
There are so many messages impinging upon our waking or conscious state of mind.
A family, children, friends, work, bills, expectations one believes they have to live up to and other baggage.

Then there are all the sub-conscious noises going on with messages of all descriptions constantly being absorbed and given off by other individual interference patterns.

"Just how deep would you like to go?"
Other Mind Noise
Conglomerate interests are focused on selling messages to sway you to behave a certain way (buy their product or service) for their own profit. It's not so hard to spot when you know what you are looking for. Noise like TV, newspapers, magazines, products, signs, pop-up windows and other online and offline advertising messages.
How one could one ever hope to hear a silent voice without some quiet time? It's possible, but easier when you know what clues to look for, what sign posts that offer a more comfortable approach. Guess, it depends largely on the clarity of the individual perceiving all that is.

Start to love yourself more for your differences than for your similarities with the next person. You are a glorious manifestation of the Force, start acting like it! Living life from a different perspective can cause one some issues to say the least. Especially when others around you are unable to see or know what it is you know or are experiencing within self.

Being a conduit for energy to flow through you.
You too can be just like Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Mohammad, Leonardo Da Vinci or any of the other people you aspire to be like. Be warned, like a new exercise, at first you might feel some pain. That's ok, though it is important not to react negatively by holding on to possibly perceived hurt. I would suggest grounding yourself with physical activity to draw down energy from the Crown Chakra.
Sometimes only time allows you the opportunity to put things into proper focus and get back into a more balanced thinking pattern. Not reacting emotionally to experiences is a big key to bringing your thoughts under control. But we are only human and emotions affect us all, after all! See your life as a mirror of the inner you.
The burning sensation one can sometimes feel in the brain whilst channeling more energy is the result of new neuro connections being burned into or established in the brain. The heat or pain felt is as a direct result of the "Resistance to Change" or self love . It was suggested to me @thesemoments to take a walk in nature or to do some physical activity to ground yourself.



About the brain
The brain can be divided up into different hemispheres, much like that of earth. As such, its' magnetic field is very much like that of the earth in miniature. When the main 2 parts or hemispheres (the left & right parts) are working in harmony, a fifth dimensional energy is produced or is achievable.
Creating new neuro-circuits in the brain allows this energy source to be more focused and clear and able to flow more freely through you to express more of itself in your life all the time. It is almost like fine tuning a radio station to get clearer sound reception. You keep adjusting your thoughts and thought patterns (moving the station dial) until you obtain a clearer broadcast from the clearest channel frequency. Meditation, helps, as did focusing on shaving for Einstein, that focus produced this 5th dimensional energy in his mind and in his life. You can learn how it do it all the time, 24/7 even in your sleep.

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