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Employing All Unemployed Through Job Creation
First I would interview every single individual and ask a series of questions. One of the questions I would ask each individual would be what it is they really dream of doing or becoming. Then it would be a task to assist them to make their dream a reality wherever and whenever possible. You will find once you realize that you are already doing what you thought you wanted to do and are in the place you should be that little will change immediately. The more you understand about being one the more forgiving you become automatically of self and others for their short comings. But this knowledge and the seeds you plant through your imagination as time progresses is like a crescendo of a wave that gathers momentum and finally hits the shoreline to manifest as frothy bubbles.
These thought seeds will yield your future results if fertilized and watered with love and tenderness once the field is prepared. If it is only money our world wants to be motivated by I can give you infinite ways to do this but this in a metaphysical sense of things is not what life is all about and a rather infantile approach to self. It's much more than that in an infinite scheme of things. Much, much more!
Dare to try a thought shaper workout yourself?
Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! Shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now, Believe it or not! Bring it on I say! I am available as a guest speaker, to give seminars, lectures, attend metaphysical discussion groups, personal development, coaching, one on ones and infinitely more.
As always

Mark Robinson IR

"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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