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  The Lets Party
The Lets Party - Shall we?
Not any of the current parties in existence here in Australia represent my values. Yet the Government expects, no demands that I vote for someone I feel will not represent my interests under the current system. In fact I only know a handful of the parties these days. The Greens, The Democrats, Labor and Liberal. Each party has compromised itself, sold itself out for preference votes on more than one occasion. Voting for any of them perpetuates a doomed system of and mediocrity ever reaching beyond itself for more, ever increasing the gap between the poor and rich in our society, strengthening the bonds that keep the blind in virtual chains and enslavement.

Our Federal Government is meant to take care of its people and its common assets. It is plainly obvious that the captain at the helm of Australia has other things on his mind that he regards as more important to the country. While he jettisons all cargo (Australia's Public Property and Services) and converts it into gold he can now give away to companies. Why should we the public have to foot the bill on this? It's always a question of priorities, but selling assets and then giving away the money doesn't seem too logical to me. How about you?

If I was ever to set up a political party, I would call it the "Lets Party!"
The Lets Party - Stands for...
Love, Life,
Energy, Ego, Earth
Truth, Tantalizing, Titillating
Satisfaction, Selflessness
Playfulness, Prayer, Praise
Responsible, Real
Truth, Tantalizing, Titillating
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As always

Mark Robinson IR

"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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