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Being very concerned with our environment,. Itnabit works closely with and participates in relevent environmental management issues within our community.
Travelsmart is about reducing our reliance on cars amd making smart choices about other forms of transport. Read More..
Hobsons Bay Green Team is a mayoral initiative of the Hobsons Bay City Council and encourages all members of the community including residents, business and industry to learn from each other on the different ways to address environmental issues relating to the Atmosphere, Biodiversity, Land, Water and Waste. The program is open to all members of the Hobsons Bay Community including Residents, Business & Industry and Schools

Bicycles Network Australia
Australia's top cycling portal offering Clubs, Organisations, Tours and much more!
Calculate Your Emissions


Greenfleet is a not for profit organisation. Our program provides a simple way to reduce your car's impact on the environment. For $40 (tax deductible), Greenfleet will plant 17 native trees on your behalf. These trees will help to create a forest, and as they grow will absorb the greenhouse gases that your car produces in one year (based on 4.3 tonnes of CO2 for the average car*).
Calculate Your Emissions
Climate change and global warming are among today's most pressing environmental issues, brought about by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Transport is Australia's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.
The greenhouse calculator, 'The Tree Totaller' is easy to use - a quick calculation takes less than a minute, or go to the Detailed section for a more accurate figure.
The calculator shows greenhouse gases generated by your car, as well as from air travel and home energy use. You'll then have an opportunity to bring real benefits to the environment by neutralising some or all of these emissions through Greenfleet's program, where native trees are planted on your behalf, helping to create new forests in areas of environmental concern.
Reduce your car's impact on the environment with non-profit organisation Greenfleet Australia. Greenfleet will plant native trees on your behalf to neutralise your car's greenhouse gas emissions. Subscribe at
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