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  The Mask Beneath - Investor Sought
Idea for a Movie, Play, Musical, Stage Play
Title - The Hunchback Revealed - Beneath The Mask
The Story is from the thoughts and feelings of the hunchback. The hunchbacks perspective gives great insight into his motivations and the intentions behind his actions. In the end it is finally revealed who has been writing the famous music to the operas around Europe. A tragedy and loss for mankind
The Setting is of the hunchback sitting alone writing music. In fact the hunchback has been secretly writing music for year and years, silently ploughing out what is deep in his heart. On occasion, he would send them to the most famous composers in France at the time. He poured out his heart and soul and etched out symphonies in thought, feeling and inspiration. It seemed all the glory was heaped upon others than their true and rightful owner. He didn't mind really, they were written in love, tenderness and always for love.
I am looking for an investor or investors that can see the obvious Sensation this is. Consider the potential in the brief outline above. Contact me if interested.
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