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Melbourne 2006 Bike Show

Yes, we were there !

The Melbourne Bicycling Australia Show 2006.
The Exhibition Buildings, October 2006, Stall G9.
Check out the photos!

Melbourne 2006 Bike Show - Photos

Exquisite Architecture
Grown ups & kids alike, loved them!
Megapulse - Battery Protection
Birds & Bikes!
Plenty of Interest

Test Out Bikes & Other Vehicles
We displayed the Navigator at this years Australian Bike Show.

More than 10,000 people attended this years event. We learned a great deal from our first experience and intend to continue strive for excellence. Finally we will be able to introduce Bicycle Insurance for our riders. It is hoped to be able to offer our customers a discount with the purchase of a bike.

Entrance Form
Melbourne Exhibition Building 2006
Photos - Cyclecover Inusrance Bicycling Australia Show 2006.
Fountain - Carlton Gardens
The Great Hall
Early Morning
The e-motion stand
Navigator - Ebony Black
Custom Made Gloves
Mountain & Road Bikes
Clothing & Film Makers

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