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Life As A Mirrors Reflection
Being aware of our thoughts and how they reflect back to us is one way to get to understand self, our motivations, actions, intent behind those actions and the
connectiveness that these thoughts have to the reality one experiences in every day life as moments.

It reflects in our relationships with people, our families and friends. Knowing that those experiences have been set in motion by your past thoughts and that future events were being set in motion at the moments when you were experiencing being touched by the grace of the rays of the sun, the source, or what is normally considered the past thoughts in a now sense.

This in turn helps us to see our thoughts become manifest in our life much clearer as the mind begins to settle. It is truly magical to experience and humbling. Then and only then will you truly know that you are on the right track to becoming a conduit for energy to flow through you quicker.
Often, unfortunately it is easier to blame others for the emotional hurt we might feel at a precise time, rather than looking deeper within ourselves to see it was self all the time. Our emotions effect our natural electromagnetic balance in the physical plane. Having different hemispheres of the the brain means that for energy to flow more freely, these hemispheres must be working in harmony with each other. New neuro connections (thought patterns) are required to be established.

Simply put in layman's terms, moments we experience on earth are only the reflection of our own thoughts and feeling of self coming back from the source to you as your experiences here on Earth. Your thoughts are reflected back and become manifest in the future in physical form to teach you about your connectiveness to all that is. Just as you take up physical form at will. You conjured it up – accept it or change it, or change how you see things involved in your relationship to whatever situation – It's up to you to take responsibility for your own life and change your perception of the event in question and how you choose to determine your experience in future.

I'm sure we all know someone that can talk so much but never seems to listen to a word of what other people are saying. It's like they have blinkers on or are in fact deaf.
Is it possible to hear a silent voice without some quiet time? It's possible, but easier when you get the hang of it with patience and determination. Guess, it depends largely on the clarity of the individual perceiving all that is. The more lies we give out, the more lies come back to haunt us. Cleaning our own mirror or our energy pattern rather, can be rather confronting and sometimes frightening since it presents challenges to our thought patterns of reality and can rattle our emotions and sense of self, thus affecting our energy balance as necessary readjustments are made to compensate.
Once it is realized that one is connected to all that is, you need to decide how to channel it creatively for the greater good and express it in whatever ways bring joy to you and others, without infringing on others. For a career, what gives you the greatest joy may be an obvious choice, for then the energy you outlay will not be considered negatively and you will pursue your dream until your dream is made manifest, no matter how long it may take and no matter what you have to do to make it so.
There is an old saying I have on one of my coasters. It reads, “Do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise.” I think this is quite fitting, actually. Being a part of everything means that you have access to all those individuals that have parted this plane and are now beyond the physical senses of perception, as well as those living here and now on Earth. When you live in the here and now, there exists no time or space, so you can draw creative energy into any area of need.
It doesn't matter where you start from, accept the circumstances and continue to move toward your dream, whatever it may be. Don't let people put your idea down. Listen to the comment and assess the merrits of what is said. Is it emotional, is someone trying to disuade you because of your own fear of success, or their own acceptance of not going for their dream? In other words, be determined!
"Could someone feel so deeply for everything?
I guess one can!"
Creating Your Dreams

Use your imagination to connect with the spirit of someone great in any area of particular interest to you. There have been moments when I have called upon past artists to assist me to be more artistic in some way. The possibilities are infinite like the source it springs forth from. Use your imagination to become more of yourself and express energy with love.

Like a mirror, life and all that is, is reflected back to us at each and every moment that the suns rays touch us. It teaches us and lovingly shows us every moment its glory and our true selves. Not only seeing things manifest, but appreciating the natural glory inherent in things seen and unseen and feeling a connectiveness to your own self and the source of things.
Thought Exercises - Learning to be a conduit.
Channeling energy, like any new exercise one engages in, at first you might feel some pain. That's ok, though it is important not to react negatively by holding on to possibly perceived hurt. You may need to go through your own dark negativity to reach the sunshine which is the real you. If you do ever feel lost or pain in the brain, I would suggest grounding yourself with physical activity to draw down energy from the Crown Chakra. Sometimes only time allows you the opportunity to put things experienced into proper focus and get back into more balanced thinking. Not reacting so emotionally is a key to bringing your thoughts under control. But we are only human and emotions affect us all if not kept in check! Having a feeling of finances being under control is another, no matter where you find yourself. More of finances later.
Channeling in some ways is listening to the inner voice within and operating in your body as a vessel for energy to flow through you. It is direct connection to the source of all that is. For me at least it is likable to watching a cartoon or movie being played in my mind. You simply allow the pictures or symbols to enter the mind at random and know what is being communicated and take action accordingly. It is teachable to all!
"Sometimes you may experience a burning feeling in the brain. Ever felt the pain after eating too much ice-cream and it freezes the top of your mouth and your brain sort of feels in pain? Anyway, this burning sensation one can sometimes feel in the brain whilst channeling is the result of new neuro connections being burned or established for an increased energy flow through physical brain matter yet to come!


Learn how to channel!



The heat or pain felt in the centre of the brain is as a direct result of the "Resistance to Change", much like the difference between the resistance offered in copper wire as opposed to fibre optic cable in the transmission of data."
In fact just as our dimension is screaming for faster data, the scream is heard on an infinite level for more loving energy to now be pushed through from the different realms. The only way forward now is to evolve with the evolutionary momentum gathering today. The choice is to move with it lovingly or to resist which is futile. No matter what, you have no choice but to evolve. It's best to evolve quietly rather than the way our history has demonstated thus far. As above, so below...
What is this Force I refer to?

Religions around the world have generally perceived God to be a human like figure. And to them this would be true for we each can only “imagine” what God is like. If you look with only your physical eyes you will only see the physicalness thus failing to see the wonder behind it all, there always resonating beneath the surface and supporting its very existence. I guess it could be likened in a physical sense to the physical manifestation of the source of energy, our Sun. And I am sure we all feel the Sun on more than one level. Many religions ask you to go through some deity, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, etc in order to achieve a sense of with this infinitely omnipotent presence.

To me the Force or as I like to refer to it as energy, (NRG) in energy terms, is literally everything I can perceive and that which I cannot perceive - ITNABIT. It is not some bloke with a long beard sitting on a golden throne ordering people about. It is all energy as one!
It is very interesting to note that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun and built monuments to the Source of All That Is, not just for as a vehicle to propelle a Pharaoh into the afterlife. The workers involved in the Great Pyramid of Cheops' Construction were in fact a mixtutre of paid and unpaid voluntary workers slaving away at what they loved in honour of what the work meant to them and what it meant to be involved in its eventual manifestation and revelation of self to self. They were fed and clothed and their needs taken care of - always!
There are infinite worlds within worlds within the infinity of things. Some located here most fail to see and some else where in other dimensions. Some are in physical form and some are not. Defining life how scientists perceive things gives limited possibility to the existence of life outside those boundaries or frames of reference used by those scientific minds of the day, whatever year that was, to define "life". Indeed all things physical resonate with life and the source's manifestation of energy into physicalness. If you look @ life differently you will see so much more than @firstglance..



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