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"Yes, we'll be there! Look for us @ stall 300!"


Learn how to become the proud owner of one of our chariots.ow to own any electric vehicle for what it costs us to import it.
Your Star Sign & Your Bike Horoscope For Motorcycle Riders.
MOVIE - Who Killed the Electric Car? Watch the Trailer (Give it time to load.)
Super Electric Scooters Are Here!
Government Invests - Lockers At Stations
Running costs - Less than 25cents per charge
Links & Supporters
Local Oceanic Zone Community News
Check and compare the car's environmental credentials using the federal government's Green Vehicle Guide .
Australian bicycle law reform (AUS-Victoria)
Environmental issues
New Green Energy Provider
Canberra bus bike racks
International News & Reports
Oil_prices are out of control!
Electric Vehicle Research & Development , Expert suggestions on how to change laws relating to performance standards,etc.
Model Reviews.
Independent reviews of our latest models by professionals in the industry as well as from everyday people who have test riden them.
Consumer Review - The Gemini Scooter
Past Reviews
Ever wondered about the mysteries of life? Ever wanted to learn how to harness the infinite energy around us?.

"Come spend an hour with me at one of our NGR Centres and you be the judge! Learn how to make a positive difference for yourself in each and every way... and more!

Worth $1,550.00 each !
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June 01 2006
"Itnabit becomes a Bicycle Industry Supplier Member"
Bicycle Industries Australia Ltd
Is a not-for-profit member organisation of bicycle product importers, wholesalers and manufacturers, and/or services to the point of sale sector of the bicycle industry.
The Cycling Promotion Fund is an initiative of progressive companies in the bicycle industry, and works to promote cycling in all its forms.
Fosters the interests of the Australian Bicycle Industry.
Provides benefits and services to member companies.
Provides a point of contact with the wider community.
Case Studies -



Bicycle Parking
A case study by Mr. Alan Parker, Town & Country Planning Association - 2002 (1.236mb)
Melbourne 2006 Australian Bike Show



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