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Global Energy Centres
We need to establish Metaphysical NRG Centres around the globe that Teach Metaphysical Basics & Beyond, used to encourage locals and those environmentally conscious to learn about recycling and the storage of water in the home, growing local produce and learning about cultivation, composting, the preservation of nature, eco-related information, channeling energy, things like the Scouts teach, recycling, lowering energy use, production and reduction of consimption and strain on the earth, new fence water storage technology and local ways to solve local issues in an appropriate and acceptable globally contributing way. Additionally, these centres can prodide holistic services as well as be places of retreat. They need to be self sufficient and expandable.
These centres can offer a great opportunity to construct local community gardens where produce is to grown. Local NRG Centres provide a central place of thought for new ideas and innovation. This could lead to producing enough organic food to provide for many and deal with local problems from the source..
We need to stop producing and supporting industries that pollute. Changing habits is not always easy, but in the end it will make you feel like you have never felt before. Proud to know you have given it your all to this planet, to its diversity, its beauty, its splendor and in its true magificent natural glory that it is. Let's love it to death, not kill it!
New Water Storage Reservoirs -
Hydroponic Water Capture Umbrellas, Walls, Fences and Added Features. Similar in look to the new Water Wall Tanks, these fence/walls and features come complete with Hydroponic grow beds @thebase of each fence unit to offer opportunity to grow food plants, herbs, etc. fed automatically. Through a Centrally/Web-based control, software and GPS monitoring of the fence/directional wall facings of garden beds is known. Based on this knowledge, given the season and time of the month, instructions can be given in realtime to both householders and to the units themselves as to what is plantable in which garden beds. Actual volumes of water for the communal reservoir is calculatable and estimates of daily communal and individual property useage is known always @anygiventime as is evaporation levels.
Each compartment is a bio-system within itself providing (by solar) clean bubbled air. External filters to keep the water from stagnating and able to support life. Tanks are filled directly from the rooves of homes and garages, sheds, etc to the tank in aquaduct type wall tanks. (See figure below.). Sand is used as an inital filter and to secure plant life to the bottom that will support native fish life in our "artificial river system". It will provide protein from the fish grown for local residents, clean and fresh to the plate. We can supply the system with fingerlings of native varieties and fish refuse, if any, can be composted or used in the garden somehow..
Grey water can also be treated locally and used to replenish the general water supply. I suggest we use the one type of ORGANIC & BIO-DEGRADABLE HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS on a national basis . Each unit comes with its' own filtration system as stated above and a WIRELESS EMITTER that sends tank information via FM Modulation to the central collection/location to give general information and readings available in real time. Reception of this information is from any audio amd visual equipment with audio out socket, such as a TV Set, Audio Device, DVD/VCD/ player, multimedia PC, etc. A sensor array and feed unit determines SALINITY, PH and ALKALINE LEVELS and are also operated by solar panels, time to grow food in communities, monitoring/automated, food grown is determined by directional facing optimising production, all planting is synchronized, composting, fertilizing, refer to council proposal.
Choose your Fence Texture
Different stone varieties and shapes, bluestone, limestone, marble, brick wall, sandstone, clear, thatch, spaceage, weird, artistic and more
You Decide!
Features to Add to Walls
Solar Powered Fountains, Waterfalls, Rivers & Fish Ponds (Only native species fish, info on website on how and when to feed, automatied reminders of how and when to take care of them.), columns and colonades, grottos, caves, temple like structures, gates, decorative sound proofing where required and more.
Proposed Venue Locations - All Schools & Universities, NRGCentres, and homes throughout the Internet and the World, Plans to come, , etc.
Belgrave - Photos, Location, Upload plan and scan ideas written, etc
Old Vehicle Testing Station - Queen Street, Altona - Upload plan and scan ideas written soon.
Role Models & Influences
For A Boy
Ages 0-7 Mother, Mother Figure
7-13 Father, Father Figure
13- Mentors of Choice, Apprenticeships
For A Girl  
Ages 0-7 Father, Father Figure, Peers
7-13 Mother, Mother Figure, Peers
13- Mentors of Choice, Apprenticeships
Creativity All areas
Negatives Advertising and News
Time spent alone in silence is important.
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Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! Shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now, Believe it or not! Bring it on I say!
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