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Offline print media and the consumption of our forests and native life forms
Consider for a moment the amount of wood or number of trees that goes to produce all our daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly newspapers, journals, receipts, paperwork of all description and other print material used to communicate the millions of corporate messages on products. Then after doing it for our country, do it for the globe. Just how much wood do we consume through our thirst for crappy news, stories and events through supporting global print media conglomerates on a daily, monthly and annual basis? Why do we as a global population need to support an industry to tell us bad news, instructs us how we should act and behave and one that obviously destroys the very environment in which the global population live?
Don't we have a choice? Can you make a choice? Will you? Not only does it destroy our landscape, but it also dislodges or destroys precious indigenous life forms such as flora and fauna. There is one immediate alternative that should be implemented now, but as yet has not been considered, and it's very simple. Wherever possible we should eliminate the use and consumption of paper of any kind. We should turn as virtual as possible and use new technologies to conduct what was once a physical requirement or expectation.
What is wrong with everyone having their own unique email address instead of a letter box for example?We can even use the IP addresses for handheld devices and electronic receipts could be provided instead of its paper counterpart that ends up as a landfill problem now or 7 years later? How many trees do we save and not need to replant if this paper based industry is outlawed immediately and the chips used for something else like nothing or if we are intent on felling the tress why not compress them into wood for construction? Many I would think and let the people of the area of Tasmania worried about jobs be supported to created a more viable and sustainable tourist industry by appreciating what they have on their doorstep. We do not need to chip our majestic green birthright embodied in our forests in order to live more comfortably and happier than you could ever dream possible!
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