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Poverty exists because of a deep held belief in lack and a limitation of self belief to change ones circumstances because someone fails to see beyond that which they can see around them. It is a lack of realisation that they are an individual, that they are in fact an intimate part of the force and directly connected to that entire source vibrating outside or traveling faster than the speed of light and beyond their physical perception through the senses. Where an individual has been born and their upbringing as a child plays a crucial part as does being accepted by others is a requirement in society. Being "NORMAL" whatever that really means is reinforced by a system of laws and institutions and is basically designed to exploit another through control.
So people go on believing in lack and limitation. As we believe, those thoughts we generate and send out in the infinity of things, these thoughts or imaginings manifest around us as future experiences and things material. We thus act accordingly to our predetermined thoughts until one day we become that which we choose or believe and act to become. If they could only see that they themselves have the ability to change their individual circumstances if they so desire.
They live within the illusions of a world created by previous individuals layering thought forms one upon another. What has been reflected back when we are born are the ideas of a past world, in a later time sense, measured in light (Energy or Time), in the physical plane. The way the world is now is as a result of the imaginations of man since it has ruled upon the garden of Earth since the beginning. It doesn't matter who you are, we have each contributed to the state of things.
Only each individual can determine at what level of poverty they will accept. If someone receives continual handouts, like the dole or donations, gifts, relief funds, without doing anything for it, they begin to expect the handout rather than be resourceful in some other way and believe in self. When it doesn't come, they get angry. This does not force them to take responsibility for their own position and situation where they find themselves in life. They become like a new born child themselves, helpless and reliant on sucking funds from a drying teat flowing only enough dollars into their pockets to stop them revolting against the system. But then the law has ways to quell public unrest. I don't suggest violence as a way to change anything. It only upsets people and anger had be harboured for generations and generations. Unless we forgive ourselves and others and work as one world together for a common goal, allowing individual thought and creative expression without wanting to harm anyone but instead helping each other, humanity is truly lost to the depths of despair, one day to be discovered as bones by some other lifeform that managed to exist even though it was at the slimest of chances.
We can educate the poor in ways to be more creative, offer them asistance, better their circumstances or that of others within their family, community or nation, rather than taking
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Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! Shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now, Believe it or not! Bring it on I say! I am available as a guest speaker, to give seminars, lectures, attend metaphysical discussion groups, personal development, coaching, one on ones and infinitely more.
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"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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