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Recycling Rubbish / Waste Management
We waste our rubbish and it has to stop on a local and global basis. Rubbish is in fact a treasure even though you throw away small amounts of categorisable things, they all add up to large volumes that somehow need to be produced. Most if not all is recyclable somehow for something Working on a local basis, all waste should be sorted into their different elements for recycling. There should be no need for anybody to have land fill. There is already technology that collects the gases from waste products/rubbish. We must sort all our rubbish and unwanted matter, Solids, liquids, gases, metals, paper, tiles, bricks, glass, plastics, etc right down to the minutest detail - It all needs to be sorted. Subsequent resorting will be required to maintain quality of recyclable material. (For example, sort tin from aluminium or plastic bottles from other non food grade materials. These can be stored locally until enough is collected to send out larger quantities to destinations where it can be further recycled into other useable products or resources.
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