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Russia - Revolutionary Technologies to excite you now!
Back in the early to mid 90's, I was involved, along with Terrence Wheadon and Earl Wagner in the initial marketing of several new and revolutionary technologies . These were being developed by Russian Scientists, including Professor Akimov and Professor Lominosov. For your information Professor Akimov assisted the Russian team of Scientists and Engineers to put the first human, Uri Gargarin, into orbit. Professor Lominosov was to my knowledge involved in Oceanographic Geo-Surveys using magnetic's. At the time I met Professor Lominosov he had just come back from working off the Coast of the USA near Florida.
I vividly recall a moment we were having a smoke together outside in the grounds of the Worlds oldest observatory. It had just begun to turn Spring in Russia and the snow was melting. I recall there was lots of sloshy mud everywhere and a bitterly cold wind blew constantly. Everything was grey it seemed and few if any people smiled openly in public which I found strange. I said to him after puffing away on one of the very strong Russian cigarettes he gave me to try, "Don't you think Science and Religion are becoming one?" He simply smiled at me, looked me straight in the eye and nodded agreement."Yes", he finally replied.
We were offered a range of technologies to select from and market. Before you read on, I would like you to read what we used to send out to certain people in our exhaustive effort to cinvince people including the scientific community of new thinking, new age, new dawn. It fell on deaf ears and we were ridiculed as being fools.
The study of the non-linear non-equilibrium mechanics is fundamental to understanding how we can use the vast reserves of energy that nature demonstrates to human kind with regularity. These forces are evident during phenomenon such as volcanoes, tidal waves hurricanes, to mention but a few. Russian scientist have been studying natural disasters and their cause and affect for many years. As a result of observations of the phenomena known as tornadoes, whirlwinds and water spouts they have gained some understanding of how to harness and use these massive storehouses of energy for the benefit of mankind.
ADDENDUM 1 - Energy Induction


New Aluminium Alloys
Lithium-Aluminium metal is fused together while argon gas is injected into it - This happens inside a vacuum chamber. Makes the aluminium signifigantly stronger and lighter. We were looking at having these used in the frames of electric vehicles in LA. Apparently there was a decree to clean up the air pollution by the year 2010. I am not sure of the exact date, but this is my memory, that the City Area needed to get the petrol driven cars off the market. We had an anti gravity idea in Russia and coupled with the light weight alloy would be a fabulous idea we thought at the time. Collins Technology in Western Australia will confirm our idea of a new type of vehicle we proposed to construct.
Piece of the actual metal.
Torsion Field Technologies - Headed by Professor Akimov
Based on Tesla's diaries and his numerous notes in the possession of the Russians, Torsion Field Technology would give Free Energy for the world. Torsion Field Technology uses the On/Off cycle of matter to produce energy at next to no cost. At the time we needed around 500 million USD so we could set up a Research Facility in Australia to further the study and implementation of this Torsion Field Technology. We in fact had a working 4.5kg model that was capable of producing over 800KW of power. It used a battery to get it started and there were no moving parts. Anyway, I met with Collette O'Raud (need to check spelling) in one the Queens houses in London during one of my trips. I was representing both the Russian Scientists and my fellow investors (and the world) to request this funding which I thought at the time to be an enormous ask. At that stage I had never dealt in Millions.
The exact date of my meeting eludes me at the moment, early to mid 90's I do believe, but if you want to know the exact dates, please check with Queen Latifa in the USA. I was staying in the same Hotel as her and the band when she was playing with in London at the time. I'd never heard of her at the time, but some of the guys in the States I befriended had and they couldn't believe it. She will remember me from LA Airport. She invited me to one of her concerts and I said I would go only if I wasn't treated as part of the crowd. Hehehehe! I was tired and drunk from the 20 hour flight and wanted a good nights... Her band will remember me too, as they woke me up @anungodly hour by knocking on my door the night before. They knocked on the wrong room as one of the band members was staying in the next room. We all caught the same plane from London to LA. I remember watching Queen La Tifa and her band exercising at the departure lounge.
Back to my story. Collette O'Raud was a French Financier to the Oil Industry @thetime when I met her. There I was sitting on the floor in front of her in a Queens house, asking for 500 Million US Dollars to set up a facility to help the world with free energy. She smiled at me when I told her how much I needed and said with a gentle smile, "Mark, it is very noble of you to want to help in the way you do. However, it is also very naive. I cannot help you as it would not be in my best interests to do so. You see, I provide finance to the Oil companies of the world and it would not be in their best interests if I help you. I would be cutting my own throat. I am really sorry, I cannot help you today."
Well, I was a bit shocked at first, then offended and disappointed to think people were so short sighted and swayed in thinking by money. Unless they could control it and be able to charge for it, it would obviously have shaken the fabric of the world as we knew it then and for many, panick and fear. We also had trouble convincing the World Scientific Community of this technology and others including Mr. Collins in Western Australia. Mr. Collins is the man who was credited for putting together the Collins Rotary Engine. I may still have papers about his engine somewhere around.


Anti-Gravity, Time Machines - YU. A BAUROV AND V.M. OGARKOV.
Using the magnetic grid of the Earth and that of other astral bodies in our galaxy, machines are able to move around based on the laws of magnetic attraction /repulsion and the on/off cycle of matter.


Torsion Field Geo-Scan Technology - Headed by Professor Lominosov
Using torsion field technology and magnetic resonance, 2d satellite images of the Earths Crust are able to reveal 3d images of substances. Using this technology we were able to work out the volumes of chosen substances (Oil in this case.) beneath the Earth and this information is revealed in 3 Dimensions. We scanned over 100,000 Square kilometres of WA looking for Oil to prove this technology works. We did find some oil too! As I remember it was located on the outskirts of a reservoir that supplies Perth its drinking water. There was not much else of substantial nature on our scan results. However, the point is that this technology can be used to pinpoint with deadly accuracy any substance, just simply change the settings. We were approached by the Arabs, interested in scanning for what they consider gold - WATER.
We were currently occupied with working out new ecologically clean sources of energy. We suggested a new physical concept based on the finite one-dimensional discrete flux (ODF) set, which contains the intergalactic potential vector, a new fundamental vector constant A ã It is shown that three dimensional space R 3 and the quantum-mechanical properties of elementary particles result from the minimization (reduction) of ODF potential energy in one-dimensional space R 1 formed by ODF. According to theory, the elementary particles masses are proportional to |A Ã |.
The hypotheses allows the localized violation of gauge invariance, because of which, the intergalactic vector potential acquires a real physical meaning. In accordance to theory, there exists in reality the vector potential A equal to the sum of A ã and natural current sources such as the Earth and Sun etc. Addition of these vector-potentials is possible by the use of a special, recently discovered nonlinear law. The modulus A ã is the upper limit and cannot be increased, but it can be decreased due to the influence of the vector potential of the magnetic system directed opposite to the intergalactic vector. Since the elementary particle mass unambiguously depend on the modulus of the intergalactic vector potential, one can expect the appearance of a force, this force will push mass out of the region of reduced vector potential, A ã
Ecologically clean engine and generator models created on the basis of the newly discovered force, using physical vacuum energy and suggesting a new principal of motion were developed and tested.
The tractive-force of the new engine was equal to 4gf

The threshold power of the generator allowed us to receive a positive output energy equal to 3 kW.

  ADDENDUM 1 - Energy Induction
  ADDENDUM 2 - GeoScan Technology
  ADDENDUM 3 - Bio-Resonance
  ADDENDUM 4 - BIO-CELLULAR Skin treatment
Machines that dissipate matter into energy and the what I refer to as being "the beam me up Scotty" program. There were machines that were able to dissipate matter into pure energy. They were not able to put the atoms back together at the time though. More research was required.
Players in the saga to be continued....
Terrence Wheadon, Earl Wagner, Professor Akimov, Professor Lominosov, Collins Technology, KGB, ex KGB, CIA, Russian Mafia, USA NASA connection Earl Wagner, Collette O'Raud - French Financier to the Oil Industry
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