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The Set Top Box Edition
Features - The Digital Media Center Set Top Box (STB) is an advanced customer premises equipment (CPE) device for delivering streaming audio, video, and data directly to consumers’ TV sets and/or Home Entertainment systems. The STB supports advanced MPEG4 video and MP3 audio compression algorithms and can deliver content streams with optimal quality over networks with limited bandwidth. Besides audio and video, The’s STB also offers advanced Voice-over-IP capabilities, which enable consumers to make inexpensive phone calls over the Internet. Additional services supported by The STB include video conferencing, chat, email, news, local weather information, program scheduling, video recording, voicemail and many more. use third party servers such as Registrars, Proxies, or Gateways.
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IPTV and Video-on-Demand Support - The STB Digital Media Center can deliver high quality video streams including online TV (IPTV) and Video-on-Demand directly on consumers’ TV screens. The device supports the most recent MPEG4 compression technology which enables it to deliver optimal video quality even in networks with limited bandwidth.
Digital Music and Internet Radio Delivery - In addition to video capabilities, The STB Digital Media Center can also receive streaming audio content, enabling users to enjoy digital music and internet radio channels. The device supports high compression MP3 algorithm for maximum quality of the delivered audio streams
VoIP SIP Phone with Peer Auto Discovery - The STB Digital Media Center features advanced VoIP phone which allows users to make cheap calls over the Internet. The device is able to automatically detect peer The STB devices located within the same local network which enables users to dial directly their friends/colleagues and talk for free.
Video Conference H.263 Support - The STB Digital Media Center features advanced Video Conferencing capabilities which enable subscribers to conduct high-quality video conversations with friends and family. To initiate a video conversation, subscribers simply dial the phone number of another The STB subscriber and enter a video conferencing mode
which utilizes the H.263 standard.
Media Extension Center Functionality - With The STB consumers can access content from their PC directly on their TV screens. The device can scan the home computers for different media files, like movies, videos, sound tracks, pictures etc. and provide consumers access to them directly on their TV screens.

Enhanced Voicemail System with Unified Messaging - The STB Digital Media Center features an enhanced voicemail system capable of storing up to 80 messages which can be retrieved via phone or web. The device also supports unified messaging and can forward received voicemails to an email address for added user convenience.

Online Chat and Email Clients - The STB enables consumers to communicate with friends and families while watching their favorite TV shows. The device offers a universal chat client that can communicate directly with the popular ICQ, AOL, and MSN clients. The STB also has embedded email server which allows users to check and send email directly from their TV screens.
News and Weather Reports Delivery - In addition to audio and video capabilities, The STB can deliver news and weather reports directly to consumers’ TV screens. Such functionality is highly valued by users who do not have computers at their homes but want to stay abreast of recent news and weather conditions.
Optional PVR and Program Scheduling - With optional hard disk connected via USB port, The STB offers to consumers the capability to record their favorite TV shows and/or movies. The program scheduling functionality enables users to program the device to record content at specific times of day, week or month so that they never miss their favorite TV shows.
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