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The StarGate Club  
Sign up for an Itnabit StarGate Club KeyCard today and receive global freebies in the virtual and non-virtual world. Recognized globally online and offline. Get benefits and freebies every time you shop both in real time and in the virtual world.
A StarGate Club Card Features
A flexible credit card sized looking computer. It has a built in processor and huge disk storage capacity. Sized to fit conveniently into most of today's normal sized wallets and shopping purses. Automatically scan your SGC card at the place of the transaction to receive that particular service providers BONUS, for FREE or whatever way their hearts desires to say thanks for dropping by and allowing them to serve you.
Interested to know more?
"It's their special way of offering a piece of themselves to you in appreciation of allowing you to serve them."
Store huge amounts of data including: information about your Passport, Images for Passport, Medical Records, organ donation, blood type, etc, Credit Card Number, Bank account numbers, Drivers Licence, Social Security Number, Tax File Number, Resume, Music Downloads, Video Files, Birthday reminders with in built Calendar, Lowest price guide for individual items per location or area based on GPS satellite technology. earn rewards, anything you need and more you don't even know about right now.
This information you are able to provide when you register as a StarGate Club Member. It will allow you to select what information is stored and retrievable by certain authorized people such as Government authorities, Last wills and requests, Hospital and Health People linked in, doctors, lawyers, etc. you decide! Using our online storage facility you will no longer need to have a hard drive, you will only ever need an internet connection and access to the sgc/itnabit web-based terminal for email, education, entertainment discussion and more.

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