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  Virtual Cemetery
Virtual 3D Cemetery - "No Bones About It!"
I have decided to create a website that offers individuals on our Planet the opportunity to aid ALL by reducing landfill and land mismanagement by asking people to be buried in a Virtual 3D Cemetery instead. It also saves wood and other things associated with coffins and being buried. Not having to be buried in the ground or placed in a jeanie jar on top of your eldest grandsons lounge room fire place mantle for the next 30 years offers many challenges to thinking patterns rigidly held dear throughout time. What would you prefer? To be flushed down the toilet by an unwitting guest staying the night for your grandsons - sons' bucks turn or leaving a lasting memory to be treasured by those that hold you dear? You will be able to own a piece of this real estate yourself and create your own monument to your own unique history.
  Leave the memories you choose to leave!
Your Virtual Grave setting could be a place of eternal peace and tranquility or more of a party atmosphere, its up to you to set the scene through the use of special effects. Simply add them from drop down menu options. You can also use your own files and upload your selections like sound effects and background noise. Create your own grave stone, epitaph, add flowers, a wreath and more. Exercise your creative genius! Show some video footage , photos taken throughout your life highlighting your favorite major achievements, upload scanned drawings, certificates, photos of badges, digital remembrances of any kind, all those favorite moments this life offered and showed you. Upload this information and offer those you leave behind a true legacy to those you love - the legacy that really counts for all humanity and beyond, - YOU! You can even link to other graves such as friends and other family members. Begin yours today...
Create a 3D Temple Dedicated to Yourself!
Dare to try a thought shaper workout yourself?
Even in those moments of pure desperation, never ever give up hope! Shape your future by learning the art of "shaping your thoughts now!" By being aware of your thoughts one can begin to change whatever area of your life you choose to change... just see it differently and apply some techniques over time. I can show you some of the tools necessary to understand the new world coming and present now, Believe it or not! Bring it on I say! I am available as a guest speaker, to give seminars, lectures, attend metaphysical discussion groups, personal development, coaching, one on ones and infinitely more.
As always

Mark Robinson IR

"The rest is up to you to discover and experience for yourself."
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