Voice Operated/Web-based Smoke Alarm
“Mum, can you turn that NOISY Smoke Detector off? I am on the phone to my girlfriend, Sheila and can't hear a word she is screaming!"
Sorry honey, it’s a false alarm and I can't reach it right now with my broken leg.
If I could only just tell it to stop and it would stop... I wish, hang on... ”
Now you can with this Smoke Alarm!
With the new web-based features this alarm is installed to warn a central monitoring authority/Fire Department of any eminent smoke danger in the area. Works using your IP Address from a local computer. Is wireless requiring no cabling. Being voice activated you can program it for verbal commands like generic ALARM OFF / ON battery test, low battery audio warning with in built microphone/speaker. The powerful in built siren is loud enough to wake the dead including most heavy sleepers in the event of a real fire and smoke detection. Don't ask us, ask the firemen if they approve!
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